Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 3 Web Page Design Tips

Are you thinking of building your first website? Here are the three most important things that you should remember:

First, keep your web page design simple. Save the complicated graphics, animation and effects for later, when you are ready to go full-blast with an online strategy. But if you are still beginning to build your website from scratch, it will work best to have only the mandatory elements in terms of design and functionality. Remember to include your logo, as well as basic navigation links that will tell the user important things about your company, what you do, and how to contact you. When it comes to the aesthetics, crisp and clean always work better than loud and cluttered. Never cramp your web page with too many images either.

Second, your web page design should allow for easy reading. Don't turn off potential customers by making it difficult for them to find information that they need. In terms of the text layout, for example, keep the text area to a comfortable width, and don't let text run from one end of the screen to the other. You also need to manage the length of your text, especially because text length is measured by pixels and not characters. The ideal text length for a web page should be 60 to 70 characters or 500 pixels.

Finally, design your web page in such a way that it becomes an effective source of information for your target market. When planning the design, consider the types of information that users will be looking for, prioritize them, and put the more important ones above the fold. These should be available to users without them having to go through a series of clicks.


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