Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Turn Key Web Page Design Program - How To Select One For Under $70

Choosing a web page design program is an important business decision, unless you have thousands of dollars available to outsource it.. It needs to create an attractive web site, without sucking up too much of your time or emptying your wallet.

Getting the full Adobe Creative Suite costs $1300 and practically requires a college course to learn to use it! While it's the industrys leading software and a powerful set of tools, it's overkill for most small businesses. It's like hunting a mouse with an elephant gun.

When looking at the alternative, there are three solid criteria to work from: Intuitiveness, integration with e-commerce applications and integration with graphical apps. With this latter consideration, it' important to stay focused on the actual graphical manipulations you'll use as a businessperson, rather than as an art student trying to get a job at an ad agency!

Design Dashboard is one particularly good example of an intuitive program (it walks you through, step by step by step through all the major design decisions) with good e-commerce integration (several scripts are already packaged with the software, including advice on how to set them up and how to get the most out of them) and it integrates with one of the best graphics programs on the market for making changes to your web site's header graphics, making buttons or adding special effects to the photographs of people giving you testimonials on your products.

And, best of all, this easy to use web page design program was created by someone who actually uses the web to do their business. It's designed with the small businessperson in mind and is priced very economically - without question one of the best values available.


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